February 10 Update

After an awesome Winter Carnival, it’s time for another update.

We have kind of moved into our offices – they’re painted and the flooring is in – but need to put some finishing touches on the place before we can move real furniture in and get settled. That said, I’m now able to spend all day here being productive instead of running around between home and work, which is a bonus.

Things are progressing as usual. Which is to say, the plumber said he’d be here today and didn’t show, and we’re still not certain about when the welding will begin (or be complete), which is the real determining factor before we can start making beer.

We are responsible for installing the glycol lines, which should commence this week after having the material on site for at least 6 months now. Tanks are ready to be moved into their final locations and most of the electrical work is done.

With a million little details come a million little decisions. Though the planning to this point has come in handy, nothing is off-limits when making final decisions about what goes where, which kind of finishes to install and who gets which office.

We seem to be getting on each others’ nerves more than usual but that’s probably just because we’re all so anxious to finally make some beer!

I can’t wait to start making (and selling!) beer, but I really can’t wait to put Handsome Rob to the test. Instead of using his food science background, we’ve been keeping him busy with painting, mostly. Next we’ll put him to work helping to install the glycol lines, then doing inventory, washing kegs, moving furniture… You know, all the stuff we’re busy doing. Stuff that needs to get done before we can make beer.

On the business side of things, I have a trip to the front range planned for next week: attending the Rocky Mountain Microbrew Symposium in Colorado Springs, followed by a collaboration brew day at Oskar Blues. Then I’m home for a couple days before heading back down to Denver for this year’s Hill Climb – where members of the Colorado Brewers Guild go to meet our state representatives and talk about how good the craft beer industry is for the state of Colorado!

Until next time.


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