Update 1/10/2014

Hey all, just wanted to post a really quick update. Things are progressing VERY nicely. This week we’ve had up to 10 people at a time on-site working to finish things up. Our best projections right now have us brewing in the first half of March (so for sale about a month after that).

This depends on three main things coming together, and one really big thing happening: We need plumbing, electric and steam piping finished, and we need to get our Certificate of Occupancy from the City of Steamboat Springs. All these things are in process (the steam piping will be the shortest job but actual work has yet to begin – though final engineering documents are in hand).

Quick updates are generally available on our Facebook page but we do intend to continue updating the website with longer-form info.

A lot of things that we’ve been preparing for a very long time are finally coming together. This week, the plumbing was finished in the office and tap room area (well, enough to get inspected) and drywallers have wrapped everything up. Over the next week or so they’ll be taping, mudding and finishing those areas and having them done really gives us a great idea of what the finished space is going to look like.

If we go radio silent again over the next few weeks, rest assured, it’s because we’re working so hard to finish this up and start making beer!

Thanks everyone for your patience so far and we hope to see you in the tap room by the end of April. Of course, we intend to be selling in local bars and restaurants even before that. The Tap Room is a service we’re offering for the public, and will be a great place to hang out and drink Butcherknife, but our focus is on our partners in the bars and restaurants around town (and before too long, beyond!).



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